Holy Cross Crusader Academy

Preschool and Pre-K 

The first years of school are so important.  That's why Holy Cross Crusader Academy is dedicated to providing your child with a high quality learning environment.  Our small class sizes will allow us to provide consistency in our teacher/child relationships.  The Crusader Academy will feature the same Teachers, Rachel Lankford, Wini Atkins, and Kendra Collins for all five consecutive days of the week.  Miss Rachel attended Oakland City University and attained our Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education. Kendra has over 10 years of experience working with children.  Wini has been a adjunct instructor for UE from 2015-2020, then worked at Little Miracles for a year prior to taking this position at Crusader Academy.  Wini also received her BA in English in China.  She also is a Graduate from OCU with a Masters Degree in Management.  Take a look below at our new vision at the Crusader Academy.  Today's vision is focused on our expectations for the children.

Holy Cross Crusader Academy Preschool/ Prekindergarten Vision
*Children are respected, nurtured, and challenged.  They enjoy close, warm relationships with the adults and other children in their classroom.  They frequently interact and communicate with peers and adults.  Your child will enjoy and look forward to going to school. 

* Children have ongoing opportunities to learn important skills, knowledge, and dispositions.  Classrooms are busy with conversations, projects, experiments, reading, and building activities.  The materials and activities are individualized and challenge children's intellectual development.   Our classroom will center around what is age appropriate.  We accept students at their present level and will continue to scaffold their learning and will continue to build upon their knowledge.  Our fun and engaging learning environment will focus on the whole child (Social emotional, fine motor, gross motor, math, science, literacy, religion, art and music).  We will be using the Pocket of Preschool Curriculum.  We strive to make our classroom a fun, safe, positive, and engaging environment to keep them interested so they become passionate about learning for many years to come.

* Children will have several opportunities to have meaningful decisions throughout the day.  They can choose from a variety of activities, decide what type of projects they want to create, engage in extensive conversations with friends as well as Teachers, and exercise their natural curiosity.  There will be a variety of options for fun and engaging activities offered daily.  Children participate in individual, small group, and large group activities. 

*They learn important social and self-regulation skills through adult guidance and appropriate discipline.  Individual needs and abilities are accommodated in all learning activities. At this age it is extremely important to address social emotional needs of our students.  We will give positive reinforcement as well as support in choosing safe options.  We will be using conscious discipline in our classroom which is evidence-based, research-backed social and emotional learning program that gives solutions for social emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation.  Once instilled, these essential skills will last a lifetime and positively impact generations to come. (ConciousDiscipline.com)

* Children learn the skills necessary for future academic success.  Language and literacy activities include frequent interactive book reading, expanded conversations with adults, opportunities to read and write throughout the day and a positive, joyful climate for learning.  They have opportunities to learn the language of school-how to listen, follow directions, respond to teacher questions and initiate problem solving techniques.

* Children have the opportunity to learn basic school readiness skills.  They learn expanded vocabulary, alphabetic principles, phonological awareness; Jolly Phonics, concepts of numbers, shapes, measurement, and spatial relations; task persistence; early scientific thinking, and information about the world and how it works.  

* Children's natural curiosity is used as a powerful motivator.  Their interest is everything in their environment as well as ideas and concepts contribute to the design of activities to add to our curriculum.  

* Children are given variety in their daily schedule.  Your child's day will be full of active learning, indoor and outdoor time, age appropriate activities, minimal quite time, and careful planning to address all aspects of development for our students.  Our students are full of natural energy so we will be putting that energy to good use.  We will have a Gross Motor Room which will feature a rock wall for them to utilize.  We also will be using yoga which promotes physical strength and flexibility.  Children learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. As a result of this single focus to achieve a particular pose or stay balanced, yoga helps children to focus and concentrate better while in school. We will focus on crossing the midline exercises as well.  Crossing the midline is vital to the development of using both sides of the body together. This promotes the coordination and communication of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  There are so many great resources we can use in this room but these are just a few examples.

*We love to sing and dance with our students.  By singing, dancing, imagining, and connecting their bodies and minds, children learn more deeply and meaningfully.

This is the vision to be followed at Holy Cross Crusader Academy.  Our smaller class sizes will allow for all these concepts to become a reality.

Enroll today to secure a spot.  Because of desire to have small class sizes, our classes are quickly filling up.  
There is a $50 Registration fee
2 day Preschool (Tues/Thursday) from 8am-11am is $80 a month
3 day Pre-K (Mon, Wed, Fri) 8am-11am is $110 a month

Just simply stop by the Holy Cross K-5 building and fill out an application or click on the link below, fill out the registration form, and email it back to [email protected]