Holy Cross Crusader Academy

Preschool and Pre-K 

Weekly Newsletter Highlights

Week of 8/17-8/21/2020

*Teaching our students the routine and structure of the classroom.

*Social emotional skills

*Students have their name cards and we are working on name recognition as well as letter recognition.  This is a great way for our students to learn each others names as well!  This is done daily as well say good morning to our new friends! Preschool is working on their first name & Pre K is learning their first and last name.  Once those are mastered we will add their middle name.  Once that is mastered we will add important information (Phone number, address, birthday)

*Daily calendar 

*Alphabet soup can letter S

*Jolly Phonics on the ViewSonic board focusing on letter S.

*Name finger paintings

*Bingo Dauber Letter S

*Letter s worksheet

*Listening to so many new songs and learning new dances (Days of the week, Months of the year, the bear hunt, tootie ta, cosmic yoga, rise and shine, clean up songs, etc)

*Add a fish to our chart each day and then count the fish on our chart.   We will count all the way to 120!!  We will also learn how to count by 2's, 5's, and 10's later in the year using this chart!  We allow our students to jump while they are counting to keep them engaged once we start getting up to the higher numbers!  

*Play-doh kits!

*Shaving cream writing the letter "s" or creating a snake

*Asking students "Name something that starts with the letter s"

Week of 8/24-8/28/2020

*Students are starting to learn our routine and structure!  

*We are starting student skills assessments

*Alphabet soup can letter A

*Jolly Phonics on the ViewSonic board focusing on letter A.  

*Jolly Phonics worksheets (2)

*Go Noodle brain breaks 

*Our first journal entry

*Working on Scissor skills 

*Making letter A using play doh

Week of 8/31-9/4-2020

*T for T/ransportation from pocket of preschool lesson pla/n

*Jolly Phonics on the ViewSonic board focusing in Letter T.

*Alphabet soup can Letter T

*Play doh mat letter T

*Added Transportation words as well as signs to talk about the different shapes and colors of signs.

*Books that have to do with Transportation displayed on our library shelf as well as added to our lesson plan for story time.

*Transportation writing sheets at writing table with dry erase markers

*Students are asked to participate in a Ramp challenge.  This is a STEM activity that gets their creative minds thinking.  How can I make a ball move? How can we make a ball go fast?  How can we make the ball stop?  How can we make ramps that connect?  How can we make the ball go in a trap?

How can we make the ball go through something?  How can we make a long path?  How can we make the path go up and down?  How can we make the ball go into the air?  How far can we make the ball go?  Can we make a maze for the ball?  What about a roller coaster?  How can we make a ramp race?  Which ball rolls the fastest?  

*Student skills assessment testing 

Week of 9/8-9/11/2020

* No school on Monday - Labor Day

* I for insects theme

* Added insects to the sand table 

* Will focus on patterns with insects

* We also will do small group activities with counting bugs

* We will sing and dance along to insect songs 

* Journal entry drawing an insect and then telling us a story about it.

* Student skills assessment testing

* Go on a hunt for insects outside

* Story time theme- insects

* Jolly phonics on the ViewSonic board focusing on letter i

* Jolly phonics worksheets

* Alphabet soup letter i

* Make an Iguana out of the letter I

Week of 9/14-9/18/2020

* P for popcorn theme

* We have a variety of skill levels in our classroom so we are working with shapes, letters as well as letter sounds, and sight words written on "popcorn".  

* We will sing and dance to songs that start with P- Peanut butter song as well as songs that have p in the title- The hokey pokey

* Jolly Phonics on the Viewsonic board focusing on the letter P

* Jolly phonics worksheets

* The books we will be reading are from the Pete the Cat series. 

* We will ask students can you name something that starts with the letter P?

* Alphabet soup letter p

* Student skills assessment testing

* As a transitional activity we are asking students to recall their shapes.

* We are working on fine motor skills as well and added several different paper materials for the students to practice cutting and tearing paper.

Week of 9/21-9/26/2020

* N for nature

* We will go on a nature walk scavenger hunt to collect the items we find and as homework we are asking our students to count the nature items they collected!  Then using those same items they collected during our Nature Scavenger Hunt to create a picture.  Feel free to collect more nature items and get creative!  We are looking forward to seeing what our students come up with.  We will have a presentation day for the homework that is returned.

* Jolly Phonics focusing on the letter N

* Jolly Phonics letter n and review worksheets 

* Alphabet soup letter n

* Nature items added to our sensory table

* The books we will be reading are The Napping house, The Best Nest, and I see Fall.

*Student skills testing assessment

Week of 9/28-10/2/2020

*Celebrating Neighbor Appreciation day which is 9/28/2020 we made cards last week and walked them to our neighbors!

*Apple Theme!!

*Celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday which was on 9/26! Reading a story about him, Students create apple paintings & making pot hats.

*Visual aide of the different parts of an apple (sang the parts of the apple to the tune of "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes"

*Making homemade applesauce

*Dissecting apples and investigating 

*Life cycle of an apple

*Weigh/compare/Measure apples

*Still life drawing of an apple

*Apple countdown video along with a visual aide where students take turns taking apples from the apple tree.  

*Jolly Phonics focusing on letters C & K

*Alphabet soup letters c & K

*Student skills testing assessment

Week of 10/5/-10/9/2020

*Leaves/Fall/Autumn theme

*Letter E- Play-doh activity

*Dotting leaves art activity using Bingo daubers

*Leaf matching and counting

*CVC Word Mat-Leaf theme

*Leaf report

*Leaf Graphing

*Leaf rubbings

*Leaf craftivity using fine motor skills

*Jolly phonics focusing on letter E

*Alphabet soup letter E

*Leaf and fall themed books

Week of  10/12-10/16/2020

*Pumpkin Theme-1 large pumpkin and 31 small pumpkins -Thank you Kate Rotramel for donating pumpkins for our classroom! 

*Pumpkin patch in dramatic play area

*Pumpkin shape matching

*Pumpkin addition

*Life cycle of a pumpkin 

*Pumpkin dissection and investigating

*Pumpkin volcano eruption- Asking for Vinegar, baking soda and red food coloring

*Pumpkin painting

*Pumpkin moon Sand- Asking for donations for Play sand, corn starch, Pumpkin pie spice, & orange food coloring

*Jolly phonics focusing on letter H

*Alphabet soup letter H

*Pumpkin books

Week of 10/19-10/23/2020

*Camping theme

*Catching bugs in a jar number activity

*Forest Animal Trace it Activity

*Campsite Theme in the Dramatic Play area

*Making smores by matching the Graham crackers to the written number (marshmallow), with the correct amount of chocolate pieces.  

*Animal tracks activity- Footprints of forest animals

*Camping vocabulary words

*Fish matching (numbers) with corresponding dots and worms 

*Going on a bear hunt 

*Jolly phonics focusing on letter R

*Alphabet soup letter R

*Camping/ Forrest theme books

Week of 10/26-10/30/2020

*Parent Teacher Conferences 

*Fire safety month- Fire Fighters are planning to come visit outside on Monday at 9:30 (weather permitting)

*Halloween/ Monster/ Spooky Theme

*Students can wear their costumes for Preschool on Oct 29 & Pre K on Oct 30.  They can also bring a treat bag or prepackaged snack.

*Candy color sorting

*Create your own monster

*Monster writing numbers 1-10

*Halloween scissor skills practice for Pre K

*Monster patterns

*Monster Graphing

*Boom cards-Halloween, Monster, spooky

*Prewriting practice for Preschool

*Jolly phonics focusing on letter M

*Playdoh mat letter M

*Alphabet soup letter M

*Halloween/ Monster/ Spooky Theme books 

Week of 1/2/2020-11/6/2020

*D for Dino

*Alphabet soup letter D

*Jolly phonics Focusing on letter D and Review of group 2 letters and letter sounds

*Dig to find Dinosaur bones in the sensory table

*Dino egg counting and bone tally

*Dinosaur Puzzles

*Dino Classification with Play-doh 

*Dino puzzles

*Dino egg counting 1-10 with Preschool and 1-20 Pre K

*Dino shapes 

*Dino 100 piece set added

*Dino classification and sort

*Dino Patterns

*Bingo Dauber Dino's 

*Dinosaur themed books

*Dino Graphing & Voting- Do you like Dinosaurs?  Which Dinosaur is your favorite?  Would you like to have a pet Dinosaur?  Do you wish Dinosaurs could come back?


*Veterans Day 11/11/2020

*Watch a kids youtube video explaining what a Veteran is and ways we can celebrate them.  

*Graph - Do you have a Veteran in your family?

*Veteran Coloring Page

*Veteran Homework- Give a Thank you note to a Veteran!

*All about me and my family

*Alphabet soup letter G

*Jolly phonics focusing on letter G

*Self Portrait

*Family Portrait- Ask students to count how many people are in their family?

*Daily routine sequence cards

*Graphing eye color, hair color, How many letters are in my name,  and  My favorite fruit.

*Name writing

*Green bucket and Red bucket choices

*Measuring our students using ribbons

*Family play-doh creations

*Donut bank reward-Students voted and the most votes were for Movie and popcorn so we will celebrate with Preschool on Thursday and Pre-K on Friday.  


*Learning about our 5 Senses-Sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste

*5 senses nature walk-Ask students to draw things they see, Draw things they hear, Draw things they can touch, draw the things they can smell, draw the things that you Should not taste.

*we discuss Whole Body listening

*I have 5 senses cut and paste activity

*5 Senses song

*Ask students how can you see what part of your body do you use for sight?  Ask each student to name something they can see.

*Smelling activity- Students have a hypothesis of what they think they are going to smell, then that color in a smiley face if they like the smell, and a quivering mouth if they didn't like the smell, then have them draw a picture of what it looks like. 

*What's that sound? Students listen to one a variety of sounds, then they make a hypothesis of what they think the sound is.  Then we reveal what the sound really is and ask students to draw a picture of it

*What is in the bag?  Students reach into different bag numbers and use their sense of touch to decide what they are feeling?

*Visual aid of the tongue 

*Taste test-sweet, salty, sour, bitter (ASKING FOR DONATIONS OF LEMONS, HERSHY KISSES, & BAKER's CHOCOLATE)

*5 senses books

*We have a variety of different sound shakers students give a hypothesis of what they think is inside.

*Jello Painting 

*My 5 senses journal entry

*Alphabet soup Letter O

*Jolly Phonics focusing on letter O


**REMINDER NO SCHOOL ON 11/25-11/27/2020 Happy Thanksgiving to our Holy Cross Families!  

*Thanksgiving, Turkey and Thankful lesson plan

*Alphabet soup letter U

*Jolly Phonics letter U

*Comparison between a turkey and a chicken what is similar and what is different?

*Parts of a Turkey

*Turkey can stretch can you!?!  

*Writing prompt-I am thankful for...

*Turkey themed games, crafts, and activities

*Thanksgiving prayer

*Thanksgiving, Thankful, & turkey themed books

*Boom card activities Turkey theme


*Introduction to Advent

*Advent Christmas Tree Countdown (Melissa and Doug)

*Creating Advent Wreaths

*Nativity Scene in the Dramatic play area

* Read the Elf on the shelf story and name our classroom elf

*Alphabet soup letter L

*Jolly Phonics letter L

*Sweet Themed Math and Literacy Pocket of Preschool

*Bakery theme in Dramatic Play

*Writing prompt "when have you waited for something?"

*Colorful rice, cupcake pans, pom poms, spatula's, etc in the sensory table

*Stories about The Advent of Christmas and Christmas themed stories


*Bakery theme Lesson from Pocket of Preschool Curriculum

*Jolly Phonics letter F

*Bakery Words & Bakery site words

*Cookie Shape Match

*Beginning sound muffins

*Muffin Ten Frames

*Cookie Dot it along with Who took a cookie from the cookie jar game

*Early Reader Story- Food at the Bakery

*Roll it add it and dot it Cookie Sprinkles

*Bagel and Cookie Taste Test

*At the Bakery: Extend the Pattern

*Christmas and Bakery Themed books


*Continue Bakery Theme

*Jolly Phonics Letter B

*Early Reader-Merry Moose color and reading activity

*Muffin 10 frames

*Roll and color (match the dots with dice or match with the numeral)

*Holiday Movie on Tues for Preschool and Wed for pre K

*Christmas themed BOOM CARD ACTIVITIES 

*Christmas Party Celebration

*REMINDER CHRISTMAS BREAK IS FROM DEC 20- JAN 3 Returning on JAN 4th!  We hope everyone has a fun and safe Christmas break!  


* Snowman/POP- Winter theme

*Welcome our students back and review the classroom rules and routine.  

*Review our social emotional skills that we use in the classroom

*Started skills assessments for Winter

*Added winter vocabulary

*Add frozen cubes and balloons to the water table

*Snowman letter trace worksheet

*Snowman ten frame worksheet

*Mitten rhyme worksheet and transition activity

*Snowman number recognition

*Exercising and counting

*Winter yoga activities

*Added Winter vocab letters to chart

*Added winter laminated letter practice cards to writing center

*Jolly phonics Ai

*Review alphabet soup can's a & i


*POP-Little learners science All about snow and Ice

*Winter skills assessments

*Snow and Ice Vocab

*Exploring snowflakes

*Snowflake types and building a snowflake

*life cycle of a snowflake

*Paint the Ice

*What will melt the Ice?

*Snowman melt investigation

*Journal and writing prompt pages about snow and ice

*Jolly phonics letter j

*Alphabet soup letter j


*Continue learning POP-Ice and Snow

*Add instant snow to sensory table

*100th day celebrations for Pre K Wed 1/20 & Preschool Thurs 1/21

*Celebrate students filling up our donut bank reward will be Snow Cones donated by the Gayso family! Thank you!!

*Continue winter skills assessment

*Make Winter OOBLECK

* Make snow dough

*Jolly Phonics letters o&a

*Alphabet soup letters O & A

1/25- 1/29/2021

*Review week

*Add a variety of new table toys for students to learn and explore 

* Continue winter assessments

* Alphabet soup I

*Jolly phonics ie

*Start color songs (Red and Blue)


*Catholic schools Week-Children's Rosary, prayer hands, livestream mass on Tuesday, thank you note to Parents

*Follow the CSW spirit week dress

*Started Valentine's crafts

*Frozen stations on Thursday & Fri

*Color songs White & Green

*Jolly phonics ee & or

*Alphabet soup review of e,o,&r


*Valentines and Friendship week

*Incorporate Red and Green choices -building on our Social emotional skills

*Review Social emotional skills on how to be a good friend

*Add Valentines vocab words

*Valentines party celebrations will be on Thursday for Preschool 2/11/2021 & 2/12/2021 for Pre K- Students can dress in Valentine shirts or red, purple, pink colors for fun!  Students can hand out valentines day cards to their friends. Miss Rachel & Miss Lucinda will have Valentines game stations set up for students.  Thank you Parents once again for all the donations to make this party possible!!

*color songs pink & purple

*Jolly phonics letter z

*Alphabet soup letter z

*******Mother nature had other plans so we switched to online learning (Seesaw app) If you need your online learning codes please let me know and I'll send them to you.  Also please send me your email address so I can attach more online learning options.  Thank you and hope everyone had a fun and safe Valentines day!


*Presidents day on 2/15/2021- Students can wear Red, white, and/or blue 

*We will add Presidents vocab words

*Activities will be based on Pocket of Preschool Presidents day activities

*MardiGras on 2/16/2021-Students can wear Purple, green, and/or yellow we will be decorating masks to celebrate!

*February is Healthy body and teeth month- so we will be discussing different ways we can keep our bodies healthy and as well as our teeth clean and healthy.

* color songs yellow and orange

*Jolly Phonics letter w

*Alphabet soup letter w

******* On days we are unable to attend in person we will be doing online learning through seesaw app.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need the codes or assistance.  Also if you haven't sent me your email address yet please do.  We want to give our students plenty of learning opportunities while we are all snowed in.  New activities will continue to be added daily to seesaw app.  Also if we don't end up meeting in person at all this week we will plan on doing an zoom meeting on Thursday for Preschool and Friday for Pre K.


*Valentine's day celebration and stations we will be celebrating a little late this year due to the weather- Students can wear, pink, purple, red, or any valentines day themed shirt for fun if they would like.

*February is Healthy body and teeth month- so we will be discussing different ways we can keep our bodies healthy and as well as our teeth clean and healthy. 

*Continue Assessments and will be planning Parent Teacher Conferences soon!!

*Color song Purple

*Jolly Phonics letter w

*Alphabet soup letter w


*Dr. Seuss week- Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2 as well as read across America day

* We will be teaching our students using Dr. Seuss themed activities throughout the week

*Spirit Week wear- 

Monday- Read my shirt day- Wear a shirt others can read.  If your student cannot read their shirt that is okay we will help assist them. 

Tuesday- Hats off to Dr. Seuss' Birthday: Wear your favorite hat

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday- Let's get silly and wear our clothes backwards, and inside out or mismatched

Thursday- Oh the places you will go!  Wear your favorite college shirt.

Friday- Funny Food Friday!  Asking students to wear green

*Review all color songs and add the colors orange and yellow

*Jolly phonics letters ng

*Alphabet soup letters n & g

*Continue assessments and parents please be on the look out for an email from us.  We will be sending your child's progress report through email.  Please let us know if you would like to set up a in person Parent Teacher Conference meeting.  

*Tornado Drills 


*Clouds, rain, rainbows theme

*Rainbow paint craft & Pre K Students add their name with hanging raindrops

*Rainbow necklace craft

*Ten Frame Rainbow activity

*Rainbow uppercase and letter case writing 

*Rainbow Sight words

*After watching a video and learning about the water cycle.  Students got to do a science experiment and explored how the clouds absorb water like cotton balls once they get full it rains.  Students squeezed the cotton balls to create precipitation.   

*Lent coloring activity and learning about the stations of the cross

*Jolly phonics letter v

*Alphabet soup letter v

*Review all the color songs we have learned so far!!

3/15-3/19/2021-St Patrick's Celebration Week

Tuesday for Preschool 3/16 students can wear green to celebrate!  (St. Patrick's day cookies and Juice boxes)

Wednesday for Pre K 3/17 students can wear green to celebrate! (St. Patrick's day cookies and juice boxes)

*Shamrock Collage

*St. Patrick's Day patterns

*Using word cards to build a word using magnetic letters

*Leprechaun's hide and seek letters

*Virtual field trip to Ireland

*Rainbow Shapes

*Rainbow Numbers

*Shamrock sort

* Rainbow sight words

*St. Patrick's beginning sounds

*Skittles rainbow science fun- asking for donations for...

  • Skittles Candy in rainbow color
  • White Plates or Baking Dishes (flat bottom is best)
  • Shamrock Theme Cookie Cutters

*Lucky's magic milk chemistry experiment- asking for donations for... 

  • Full Fat Milk
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Shamrock theme Cookie Cutters

*Jolly phonics little and long oo along with group 5 letter review

*Alphabet soup letter o



Egg hunts on Thursday for Preschool & Friday for Pre K

Students are welcome to wear Spring colors or Easter shirts during their celebration date

Please bring in filled Easter eggs prior to your child's party date if possible.  Thank you for all you do we truly appreciate you! 

*Pocket of Preschool Activities-Easter syllables, Peep beginning sounds, Rhyme time, Easter shape puzzles, Pattern eggs, count and compare jelly beans, Easter Egg letter match, Easter basket numbers

*Holy Week Activities- Book Reading- Easter Love letters from God and sending home homework that corresponds with that book, coloring pages, color cut and paste sequencing of events, Maundy Thursday worksheet, Good Friday story and activity, The story of Easter- Jesus's sacrifice for kids youtube video &‚Äč Sequencing activity

*Jolly Phonics letter y

*Alphabet soup letter y

*Color songs review

4/5 - 4/9/2021- Spring Weather

*Spring Weather discussion along with vocab word list

*Spring related activities & books

*Flower shop added in the dramatic play area

*Bugs in the sensory table

*Water beads in the water table

*Review all the color song we have already learned but this week we are adding color songs brown and black along with color worksheets

*Jolly phonics letter x

*Alphabet soup letter x

4-12-4/16/2021- Gardening Pocket of Preschool little learners science all about plants

*Name writing

*Life cycle of a plant

*Color changing flower prediction and results.

*Seed Sort

*Discussion about what parts of the plants we can eat classifying, labeling, drawing, and sorting those items.

*Measure it!  Students measured flowers with snap blocks

*Label it! What plants need

*Students picked what seed they would like to plant

*Jolly Phonics ch

*Alphabet soup letters c&h

*Review all color songs 

*Observing the caterpillars which are now in their chryslis or cocoon stage of their life cycle

4/19-4/23/2021-Insects & Earth Day, Thursday April 22nd

*Name writing

*Bzzz- Prewriting cutting or tracing strips

*Caterpillar Name craft

*Going Buggy syllable sort

*Fly swat letters, student names, and/or sight words

*bee hive 2D shape match up

*Buggy 10 Frame number mats

*Jolly phonics-Sh

*Alphabet soup letters  (S & H)

*Review Color Songs

*Earth day coloring page & challenge our students to work on a recyclable art project with their parents for homework!

4/26-4/30/2021-Focusing on Caterpillars changing into Butterflies  (Metamorphosis)

*Life cycle of a butterfly

*Catch a bug letter and sound sort

*Hungry caterpillar story retelling cards

*Emergent reader- Bug hunt

*Caterpillar patterns

*Caterpillar count 1-5 & 1-10

*Caterpillar addition 

*Butterfly symmetry-draw matching side

*Jolly phoincs th 

*Alphabet soup letters t & h

*Review color songs

*Continuing observing the caterpillar chrysalis and watching for the butterflies to emerge.  Will release them once they are ready!!!



5/3-5/7/2021- Zoo- Math and Lit unit from Pocket of Preschool

*Name writing

*Zoo and Circus animal sort

*Zoo Clap and color Syllables

*Tiger Family number line 1-10 or 1-20

*Monkey roll and dot it or Elephant Roll it ,add it, spot it

*Write it beginning sounds

*Jolly Phonics qu

*Alphabet soup- q & u

*Practicing color songs and Pre K graduation songs!

*Donut bank has been filled and our students voted on a Entire day outside and enjoying a Watermelon for our snack!!  So we will plan to this to take place on Thursday for our Preschool and Friday for Pre K of this week.  Asking for a Watermelon donation for all classes. (3 total)

5/10-5/14/2021- Continuing Zoo/ Graduation practice preparation

*Journal entry

*Name writing

*Zoo Tally

*Zoo spin and graph

*Boom Cards

*Zoo count 

*Zoo Addition

*Zoo Subtraction

*Zoo patterns

*Zoo Read it, Build it, Write it

*Graph the weather this month

*Fire Drill/ Earthquake drill/ Tornado Drill

*Practicing for our PRE K Graduation celebration!! :) 

5/17-5/28/2021-END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!

*As our school year comes to an end we will have a very fun and exciting last full week!

*Field day on Monday & Tues

*Walking to LeeAndrea's for a tasty treat on Thursday and Friday!!

*Jolly phonics oi

*Alphabet soup o & i

*Graduation ceremony practice

*Books about Kindergarten for Pre K and Counting/ School themed books for preschool

*We will be cleaning our toys in the water table and sending home items throughout the week!

*Be on the lookout for Pocket of Preschool Summer homework packets!! :) 

Important Information:
Click the link below to find out more about the fogging solution we will be using in our classrooms in addition to our usual cleaning and sanitizing routines.  

Click the link below to get more information in regards to the Diocesan Plan for reopening schools.